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Cozy mystery author Annie McEwen


Hi, I'm Annie

 cozy mystery writer 

Cozy Mystery author Annie McEwen

I am a wife, mom, Gigi (the name bestowed upon me by my grandson), and fur baby mama. Our daughter has given us the yummiest grandsons. Chasing two toddlers is helping keep us young! Our son just married his high school sweetheart this September, and we are thrilled to officially call her our daughter. My husband and I love to travel, whether it's to a relaxing beach or road-tripping to small towns looking for vintage goodies for our home.

My writing journey started later in life, as I was a stay-at-home mama until my kiddos were in school. Since I'd always been crafty and loved to sew and decorate, I took interior decorating courses and became a Certified Interior Designer. I loved turning houses into homes and hitting thrift stores to make the proverbial "one man's trash is another man's treasure" a fact. 

Eventually, I decided to take a giant leap and go back to college. I received my degree in Radiological Sciences and I've been a Radiological Technologist (aka, I take x-rays) for the past decade. You can't hide anything from me...I can see right through you! (wink, wink!) Taking care of people makes my heart happy!

I am so blessed to have an incredibly supportive family that encouraged me to finally go for my ultimate dream...become an author! They are my biggest cheerleaders and have never let me even think of giving up. So, here I am- and I'm happy to have you come with me on this writing journey!

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I was a certified Interior Decorator.

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