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Soooo, I'm a teensy bit behind on posting in "Annie's Adventures." That's not to say I haven't been adventuring. (That's a word, right? If not, it should be!) Life has been a tad chaotic around the McEwen household since I last posted on this blog. I'm pretty okay at keeping up with my Instagram and Facebook, but this little spot tends to slip my mind.

Quick recap...well, as quick as I can. I tend to type like I talk. And for those that know me, I can talk A LOT. Maybe I should just make a list. That might be easier:

*Spent lots of time with our two grandbabies.

*Went to Nashville, TN for my now daughter-in-law's bachelorette bash. (Yes, she and my daughter actually invited ol 'mom to tag along with the group of twenty-somethings!)

*Hosted a bridal shower.

*Attended my 'nephew' Alex's wedding. (His mama has been my BFF since we were kids.)

*While at Alex & Autumn's wedding, I received a call from my agent, Dawn, telling me she'd

received an OFFER #3 for RESORT TO MURDER and two more in the series! When the

other guests saw me crying in during picture time, they must have thought I was really

emotional about the lovely ceremony!


PUBLISHING!!! Dreams do come true, my friends!

*My son, Caleb, & his Mary Lou tied the knot almost eight years after meeting in their

senior econ class. Talk about tears! That mother-son dance broke me in about 530 pieces.

Every mama in the place was bawling along with me. All-in-all, it was a beautiful day!

*ASHLAND MYSTERY FESTIVAL! In late October, my husband & I headed to the

inaugural Ashland Mystery Festival in Ashland, Oregon. This amazing weekend was the

brainchild of my dear friend. Ellie Alexander. She and the whole town provided mystery

lovers with a truly magical weekend no one will ever forget! My writing bestie, Paula

Charles and I were asked to have our VERY FIRST AUTHOR event together! It was

truly a dream come true for us! To introduce ourselves and our work to mystery readers

together was something we've wanted to do since we first met. I've shared photos

on my social media and newsletter of some of the fun we had that weekend. Thanks,

Ashland! We'll be back this October!

*Though most of my year was filled with happy times and new beginnings, my Blue Ridge

Literary Agency family and I were devastated by the loss of our beloved owner/agent,

Dawn Dowdle. Dawn meant so much to all of us. She was a champion for new writers and

not only created a successful business, but she created a family. I will forever be grateful to

her for taking a chance on me and helping me achieve my lifelong dream. I expected, not quick. If you stuck it out and read this whole post, you are my people! :) I thought 2023 was exciting, but 2024 is looking to be full of exciting new adventures! Thank you for joining me on my journey!



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